Social Football Summit focuses on sharing knowledge and networking in the Italian and International scenario, about Digital Marketing and Innovation in the Football Industry.

The event comes from Go Project and Social Media Soccer‘s experience. The first edition has drawn the attention of professionals, economic operators, communication and marketing agencies.

The Football Industry is constantly expanding, thanks to innovation, social media’s evolution and Digital Marketing. The focus is to create awareness about business opportunities for teams and companies that are investing in the Football Industry, in new business models and revenue coming from digital and social media.

The second edition of the Social Football Summit will take place at Stadio Olimpico in Rome and will involve representatives from Italian and International Football Clubs, Digital Image Agencies, Digital Strategy experts and Top International brands.

This second edition is an ambitious project with a double aim:

  • Sharing the importance of social media in football and their declination to strengthen the relationship between teams, players and sponsors;
  • Promote innovation as development engine.